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“Un Patito” (Little Duckling) is a straightforward Spanish kid’s track, which makes it a very good place to begin brushing up in your Spanish. One of many particular recollections of my childhood is of my mom singing “Un Patito” to me, of us singing it collectively, of singing it with my sister, at many alternative instances and locations. Whilst an grownup, I discover myself singing it infrequently, when there aren’t any kids round, just because it’s a glad factor to do KPOP​.

Lyrics (Letra) to “Little Duckling” in Spanish:

Letra de “Un Patito”:

1. Un patito tengo yo

2. Que mi mama me compro

three. Sabe cantar, sabe bailar

four. Y quando se pon el sol

5. El patito triste está

6. No come ya

7. Y el pobrecito se enfermará

Observe: In line 7, my mom all the time substituted “enfermará”(that means to change into sick) for the unique track’s deadly “morirá;” (that means to die).

Here’s a shut general translation:

The general Spanish to English translation is made to sound like a local English-speaker, to offer you a way of the sensation, the temper, the that means, of the unique piece. Some translations are finished to sound poetic within the second language, with an finish end result that may fluctuate significantly from the unique. This translation may be very near the Spanish.