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The Universal SBS Membrane Roofing System

An unknown term for average homeowners, SBS membrane, is well known and appreciated amongst the commercial real estate owners. This system is an ingenious solution to leakage and water collection on flat roofs. Its primary purpose is to move the water off the roof and prevent leaks. The material used to make this type of roofing is either thermoplastic, modified bitumen or synthetic rubber.

Generally Used for Commercial Roofing

The SBS membrane system is generally used in commercial roofing until a couple years ago. Since then many residential owners go for this option if their property has flat or nearly flat roofing.

Types of SBS membrane

We already listed three types of this system, but we didn’t explain how any of them work. We won’t go too much in depth, but it will be worthwhile to mention some aspects of each of those three types.

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is the extension of the traditional asphalt roofing. The materials include asphalt and one of the solvents and rubber modifiers. The point is to seal the seams properly, and the best way to do that is through heat. Bringing asphalt and other elements to the point of melting will allow them to fuse together and create a perfect seam that will prevent any leakage. Many parties choose this type of SBS membrane due to similarity to traditional roofing types.

Thermoplastic Membrane

Thermo-Plastic-Membrane.The second category is the thermoplastic membrane which is similar to synthetic rubber, but its seams are heat-fused, and they create one large continuous layer. So-called lap seams are also subjected to heat welding which in turn makes it as strong as the rest of the roof. Another way to fuse this material is through the use of other solvents rather than heat.

Synthetic Rubber

The final type is also the most convenient form of SBS membrane and it’s known as thermoses aka synthetic rubber. It’s created by large synthetic rubber pieces that are fused together. In the end, you will have one long and tight membrane.

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